Project Focal Point: Vocational Training

"The main purpose of life is to live rightly, think rightly, act rightly.
The soul must languish when we give all our thought to the body."

- Mohandas Gandhi -

Not everybody has the ability "to pull" an academic education through. Therefore, we want to support such children and teenagers to undergo a vocational training or to learn a trade. "Self-help for self- empowerment"!

Learning a trade

We support a 17 year-old boy to complete his apprenticeship as an auto-mechanic. It is common in Africa that the apprentice pays his master craftsman because he teaches him and not vice versa. This is also a big problem for children without parents or children coming from extremely poor backgrounds. We could have supported many young adults to do an apprenticeship of their choice, but we did not have enough money. Thus, we also need donations for this project.


Moreover, we're sponsoring a 24 year old male - a native of Bafang from the West Province in Cameroon to undergo a professional training as a hotel and catering specialist. He is doing this training at the prestigious Hotel Management School - Ceforpra Hotellerie in Yaounde. The training will last 15 months at a cost of 800 €.


His story was a call of concern. He left secondary school in Form 4 after the demise of his father. As a firstborn in a family of 8, he became the breadwinner from nothing. He had to support his jobless mother and siblings for a livelihood. For this reason, he was forced to do a rural-urban exodus from the village of Bafang to Yaounde to perform odd jobs, where he had to share a two-room appartment of his aunt with 13 other adults. When he contacted us for assistance, we didn't hesistate after verification of the situation on the ground to grant him support. We're of the conviction that after this professional training the likelihood of getting an employment or being a self entrepreneur is high. He'll then be able to first of all have a perspective for himself and later for the people in his immediate vicinity.


Other candidates doing a trade are: Kien Mispa and Mancho Solange who are undergoing a two-year course in becoming a seamstress; Che Bernard is doing a training as a motor truck technician. His training will last for a period of 5 years. To have a glimpse of them at their workplaces.

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