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Questions to Child Sponsorship:

{slide=What does it cost to sponsor a child?}An annual regular commitment of 120 € a year which will last for the duration for one school year. Donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Tax receipts are sent at the end of each year.{/slide}
{slide=How can I pay for my sponsorship?}You can do this by filling our membership form. Click here to download the form. You can allow us to debit your account directly if you are resident in Germany. We also accept payment by conventional bank transfer or by PayPal. For more payment possibilities, please click on the “Donations” section of this homepage.{/slide}
{slide=How much of my donations goes to the child I am sponsoring?}Kamerun4AfrikaClub e.V. is compliant with non–profit standards. The 120 € is an approximate amount to cover tuition fees, school uniforms and necessary text books for a child during an academic year. This amount can rise and fall depending on the school and the child in question.{/slide}
{slide=What if I am not able to make a payment?}While it is important to understand that your commitment allows Kamerun4AfrikaClub e.V. to fulfill its commitment to the children, if you are experiencing financial challenges please contact our office.{/slide}
{slide=How does my child benefit by my support?}Your financial support will help your child achieve a better life in their future; it pays for their school fees, uniforms and necessary textbooks. Your child will be uplifted by your encouragement, love and prayers.{/slide}
{slide=Will I be able to correspond with my child?}You would be in regular contact with your child during your period of sponsorship. A teacher or assistant will help a younger child who has not yet learned to write, or could receive a lovely drawing in lieu of a written letter.

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child. More information about how to write to your child will be sent to you once you become a sponsor.

Your letters are treasured by the children. It is very special to them that someone they have never met loves them enough to provide a future for them. The children love to hear about your family and friends, your daily activities, the foods you eat, the types of animals in your area, and the seasons in your part of the world. All letters are directed through our office. We do our best to ensure the privacy and safety of both our children and sponsors.{/slide}
{slide=Can I continue corresponding with my child after I no longer sponsor them?}No. At this time Kamerun4AfrikaClub e.V. only accommodates letters between sponsored children and their current sponsors.{/slide}
{slide=Can I send gifts to my child?}No. Due to the high costs of shipping, complex customs and border regulations in Cameroon and in many African countries, and fairness to all our children, Kameun4AfrikaClub e.V. does not allow gifts. However, at Christmas you will be given the opportunity to donate towards a special gift for your child that will be purchased in their country; this has the added benefit of being an investment into their country’s economy. This is always a practical gift that will also benefit the whole family. Examples include: towels and toiletries, school supplies, a mattress, etc. Please refrain from sending your sponsored child money or birthday gifts.{/slide}
{slide=Can I visit my sponsored child?}Absolutely! This is always a life–changing event for both children and their sponsors. If you are planning a trip to the area your child lives in, simply contact our office and we will make necessary arrangements for you to meet your child.{/slide}
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