Water Supply System at the GTHS Alabukam

On 03/03/2010, we received an application from the principal (Mr Chi Nyamboli) of Government Technical High School (GTHS) Alabukam. Alabukam is a suburb of the Bamenda municipality. In his letter he pleaded for assistance for the construction of a portable water supply in his institution. He complained that many of the children fail to attend classes because they fall sick after drinking unclean water from streams, which flow around the vicinity of the school. Click here to read the full letter of application from the principal.


We, as an association that has devoted itself for the education of the needy treated this application with all seriousness. Illnesses like diarrhea and dysentery are of the past and do not belong in this era. For this reason, it is unimaginable and heart-breaking to learn that some people in some parts of the world are still prisoners of these illnesses and thus putting their lives at risk.


Since this was an unforeseen project for us and we could not do any budgeting with our little financial resources, we went on a campaign trail for funds. About 5000 € to 6000 € will be needed to construct a modern bore well facility that will serve the entire school and members of the immediate neighborhood. There are about 800 children enrolled in this technical college. For a beginning a geophysical studies have been conducted and the initial drilling has begun. Here are some of the pictures.


To complete this project, we are still seeking for funds and we call on all people of good will and our well wishers to assist us in this task in trying to make drinking water accessible to an entire school and community. We thank you for your assistance.

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