So many little persons in so many little places who do so many little things will change the face of the world. At least when it is in the right direction.


19th May Founder and President of Kamerun4AfrikaClub, Dr. Akuma Saningong selected by a distinguished panel appointed by the renowned African Heritage Magazine to be amongst the "100 Most Influential Africans in Germany". They were selected based on our extraordinary economic and social contributions in Germany and in their respective countries of origin. For him, it is Cameroon. The Collage you see is not a true reflection of the ranking. The position on the list is reflected in the details inside the printed version of the African Heritage Magazine. He is on the last but one row, second position.
2nd Juli Recognition of the not-for-profit status of Kamerun4AfrikaClub by the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam, North West Rigion, Cameroon
3rd Mar Entry in the list for not-for-profit organisations with the privilege to receive fines from legal processes within the Federal Republic of Germany at the Court of Appeal in Hamm
14th Jan Inauguration of the bureau in Bamenda with complete equipment.
6th Dec We were awarded the third prize during the BruttoSozialPreis competition in Berlin organised under the patronage of the former German Bundespresident Horst Köhler. The competition was under the banner “Deuschland Land der Ideen”, based on social marketing for not-for-profit organisations.
8th September KAC.e.V. homepage went online
6th August Creation of an outstation bureau in Bamenda - Cameroon.
13th June The association was registered under reference number VR 4769 at the local district court in Essen.
July-August: On-site work and selection of 57 stipend beneficiaries by Akuma Saningong with the help of the field workers Akum Flevis and Dinsi Richard.
20th April Recognition of the non-profit making status of Kamerun4AfrikaClub by the tax and revenue office in Essen.
2nd March The inaugural meeting was convened, the following were present:
Akuma Saningong, elected President
Christian Sinnen, elected Treasurer
Kenneth Ndango, elected Secretary General
Johannes Dörfner
Markus Schwänen, elected Vice President
Franz Wenzel, elected Public Relations Officer
Robert Kohn
Micha Hofmann
Veit Stöcklein
November The active foundation phase
Founders were won, under whom was Christian Sinnen who was very active in assisting Akuma in gaining potential members.
March It became concrete.
Akuma talked to his flat mate Johannes Dörfner in Freising, Germany about his intentions of helping the poorest of poor by means of creating a humanitarian organisation. Johannes was happy about the idea and expressed his unlimited support for it.
August The idea
When Akuma Saningong was 11 years old, he had to live primary school to secondary school. He was heart-broken and forlorn because many of his classmates could not take this step. Their parents or guardians had no money to afford school fees for such an education. Stricken by this experience amongst others, the wish and desire grew in him to help disadvantaged and underprivileged young persons.
FaLang translation system by Faboba
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