Accountability - Our Word is our Honour

Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V. with the acronym KAC e. V., is a membership-based not-for-profit organisation which observes a formal system of accountability.

The organisation is committed to meeting best practice standards in operational excellence, confidentiality, public reporting and transparency.

It seeks to comply fully, for example, with public standards for financial reporting and with the International Non-Governmental Organizations’ (INGO) Accountability Charter.

However, it works for and with individuals who live below the poverty margin. These people are mostly children and young adults whom we have termed as the poorest of the poor. They are the heartbeat of our mission and vision and so it is to them that we owe our deepest accountability.

Methodologies such as impact assessment and stakeholders’ analysis enable us to ensure that KAC e. V. is delivering real, sustainable and positive change for those people for whom we work.

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