Kamerun4AfrikaClub e.V. makes a longterm commitment to support its stipendiaries through primary, secondary and high school; and offers scholarships for college or university education. This ensures that a child’s educational needs are met at all times.
It is also in line with our mission statement: Help us today to help others help themselves, so they can help their families and communities tomorrow!

Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V.c/o Dr. Akuma Saningong Jevenstedter Straße 53 22547 Hamburg
Germany Landline: +49 (0) 40 2848 5373 Cellular Phone: +491796881446 Telefax: +492014694840 E-Mail:

Facebook: Kamerun4AfrikaClub
Twitter: kamafrikaclub
Skype: kamerun4afrika

Outstation Office
Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V.
Cameroon Branch
3rd Floor Njindom Cooperative Credit Union BuildingP.O.Box 579, MankonBamenda – CameroonCellular Phone 1: +23773190660
Cellular Phone 2: +23793563821 or +23774006219
Telefax: +23733363118
E-Mail: cam.branch@kamerun4afrikaclub.deContact Persons in Cameroon: Mr Che Gerald and Ms Ngwinwie Innocencia

E-mail: info@kamerun4afrikaclub.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view i

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